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The Investor/Sponsor Presentation is only viewable via the desktop version

louišP Ltd. is an entertainment production company owned by people from all over the world who teamed up to launch four separate entertainment websites.  A drastic shift in the way people from every country explore and enjoy the entertainment of the world is about to occur.
iconoLand will be the first website for this international team of entertainment enthusiasts. This revolutionary website will allow the user to get to their destination faster than any other mapping system and to discover the entertainment, no matter the category or genre, with just a few clicks of the desktop or taps of the







Socially connect with the people who share your entertainment taste. Explore to see the music streaming by country and genre.  Why listen to the same stream, when iconoLife allows users to listen to a different country’s spin on their favorite genre with each new day.

Stream video like never before! Simply tap the country, then the genre to explore the events in your city or to see a festival, a sporting event or maybe a one person performance on the other side of the globe. With iconoLive, users will see the beauty of the world come to life.

One website for every genre of music, movies, books and art categorized by country and genre. No need to explore multiple websites when with iconoWorld, users are able to discover the artists within their own hometown  or a country they have a connection with.